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What Are The Dog Parvo Symptoms To Watch For

Home Remedies For Puppy Parvo And Other Parvo Treatment Options

Parvovirus is a virus first identified in 1978 that spread worldwide in just two years. Over the years, the virus has mutated into two distinct strains and there is evidence of a third strain in Spain, Italy and Vietnam.

All cases of canine parvovirus or CPV come from the first two strains. It was originally thought that the virus would mutate into the feline panleukopenia, a feline parvovirus but this was found to be untrue. All species have their own parvovirus but it is not spread outside the species.

It is evident that parvovirus cannot be spread from a cat to a dog or from a bird to a cat. However, it can be spread by contact. For instance, if your cat would wander through your neighbor's yard and would pick up the virus on her feet, she can track it inside of your house and infect your dog.

My neighbour's puppy contracted parvo virus. The puppy had all of the classic dog parvo symptoms, yet my neighbour really did not know what was wrong until he thankfully took the puppy to the vet. Once he did that, treatment began immediately. Had he attempted a home remedy for puppy parvo, the puppy is not likely to have survived. After several days of intensive treatment, the puppy was free to come home.

The parvo virus works in two ways either through the intestines or through the heart. When a dog gets an intestinal infection, it is picked up by the animal through oral contact with contaminated feces. Simply put, your dog would have to come into contaminated feces from another dog.

The intestinal dog parvo symptoms occur when the virus attacks the bone marrow, rapidly dividing cells in the intestinal crypts and the lymph nodes. This allows normally occurring bacteria from the intestines to enter the blood stream to make the animal septic.

The virus can be shed in the stool for up to three weeks thus making this a very contagious disease for pets that have not been inoculated.

The cardio form of this infection is often seen in puppies that are infected from the womb or shortly after birth. It is well worth noting that the cardiac form of CPV is not as common since the mother passes immunity on to her puppies from birth. The parvo virus then attacks the heart in the infected pup and death results shortly thereafter.

Dog parvo symptoms usually present themselves within 3 to 10 days of contact. They include the following: lethargy, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. The diarrhea can cause severe dehydration and secondary infections. The dog will not usually die from the virus but from a secondary infection.

The survival rate depends upon how swiftly parvo virus is diagnosed and treatment is begun. If the virus is not caught early on, the usual treatment is given through an IV line in which fluids are pushed to re-hydrate the puppy or dog more quickly.

In addition to giving fluids, anti-nausea and antibiotic shots may be given intramuscularly as an effective parvo treatment. Given the proper care, the prognosis is good, but if care is withheld your dog will die prematurely. Most vets will strongly suggest that your pet be vaccinated against parvo about eight weeks after a puppy is weaned.

About the author: For more information on parvo virus and ideas on treatments for parvo without needles and potentially harmful chemicals, think about a completely natural parvo treatment for your dog.


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11 Responses to “Parvo Remedies”

  1. Tim says:

    what are some home remedies to treat parvo disease in a puppy?
    what are some home remedies to treat parvo in a puppy?

  2. velmadiane says:

    Puppy with Parvo, home remedies needed fast!?
    I had puppies that were born in January, and instead of getting rid of them, we got attached. My girl puppy came up missing 3 days ago, and we found her tonight, barely moving, not eating, not drinking, looking like a skeleton with fur (she is a basset hound) I brought her in, bathed her and started force feeding her water with sugar in it. I thought in the bath, that she was bleeding, and after getting her out, realised that she was having bloody diarrhea with vomiting. I am still forcing water in her every 30 min to an hour (about 1/3 oz) I put echinacea in her water, thinking of the immunity boosting properties. We can’t afford the after hours er vet, because they literally have to come from out of town to get here. Does anyone have any home remedies to try that have worked. I don’t want her to die, I couldn’t bear it.
    I wanted to add, that I did not breed on purpose. The mama dog was given to me after she had gotten pregnant, before they knew. As far as nt affording, I am not in my hometown, and there is a vets office in the town I am in, but the vet only comes in 2 times a week because he lives a couple hours away.
    Also, there are 3 pups, the other 2 were vaccinated, but she was not because she had other health issues that the vet said she had to get under control before she could be vaccinated. She is separated from other puppies, and is now with me in an area where it is easy to bleach the concrete and plastic quickly.
    For everyone’s information (who might give a rat’s butt) those which attacked me due to money issues. Excuse me for being in between paydays. As far as the puppy. THE ER VET met me at the clinic.
    It was not a total issue of money, it was the combined issues of money, location I was in, and where the vet lived.
    I left the puppy with the vet, hooked up to IV fluids and being given antibiotics.
    Those who truly care about the puppy, rather than the nature of person I am, can email me offlist or on yahoo…

  3. odie says:

    My 8 month old dog has gotten the Parvo Virus, Alot of people tell me to do home remedies, What should i do?
    The home remedies are to give him pedialyt to keep him hydrated; peptol to calm the vomiting and upset stomach;and some honey for his sugar to stay level.

  4. mstess says:

    If you want your puppy to survive, the best chance is having a vet treat him. You can try this product. I don’t know if it actually works or not.

  5. Kel Kel says:

    Try to give her some unsalted diluted chicken broth and keep giving her water. AND PRAY!!!
    First thing in the morning take her to the vet or she will most likely die.
    Parvo is a NASTY, terrible, disease. Good luck! I am sorry. :-(
    To give you a LITTLE hope……. my grandfather found a puppy once that had parvo and he did the same things I told you and by a miracle this puppy survived. Thats a VERY rare thing to happen. They usually die but she he did live and my grandfather had him for 14 years after that.

    I couldnt figure out how to email you. I wanted to say that I hope your puppy is feeling better and dont worry about the ignorant people in here who are so quick to jump all over you and accuse when they dont even know your situation. People just like to do that because it makes them feel like they are better than everyone else. I bet you could open up a CLOSET full of terrible things they have done and yet they point fingers at other people. You know when they point their fingers at you they have 3 more pointing right back at them.
    Anyhow, I hope things are better!! God Bless!!!

  6. Deborah says:

    What are some home remedies for parvo in a canine?
    my puppy has parvo, and we already took him to the vet, but not having enough money to pay for everything…I heard about parvaid, but I need somethin NOW not something that’ll take long to ship out…any advice
    No, I said we dont have money to get the stuff needed to treat the parvo, its 800 dollars. I just got laid off, really thats none of your business, just need advice, not for someone to critisize me

  7. kristithornburg says:

    take him to the vet!!! my dog had parvo almost died $ 3,000.00 to save him but worth every penny 8 years ago and still alive and well

  8. Noahs momma says:

    It is totally possible to treat parvo at home . I do rescues in Mexico and we treat parvo about 3x’s a month in different puppies. And I’m happy to say we save a lot more then we lose but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of time.

    Items Needed:
    Pedialyte (walmart, target, kmart) They also sell electrolyte strips that are wonderful and not liquid they are like listorine strips and replace lost electrolytes

    Pepto Bismul
    Nutrical (petsmart petco type place)
    Antibiotic (injection from vet is best)
    Boiled chicken breast for recovery meals.
    syringe for giving liquids

    Now you need to give a 3ml syringe full of pedialyte every 45minutes. The puppy will throw some up so you need to keep replacing the lost liquid. (MOSTIMPORTANT STEP!!! Keep hydrated)

    Every hour 1ml of pepto to help with tummy ache and diareaha

    Nutrical every 2 hours a strip along your finger. Gives vitimans and calories to the puppy who is not eating.

    Boiled chicken can be offered but probobly will not be eaten till about 48 hours after symptoms show. Do not be surprised if your puppy stops eating completely for a few days. That is why you need nutrical to keep up their energy.

    Have your vet give an antibiotic injection to fight secondary infection.

    Keep your puppy in a easy to clean with bedding that can be tossed after puppy recovers. keep warm and comfy must stay warm because it takes energy to create body heat and your pup has none to spare.

    Good luck feel free to email we with any question.

    *to the rude people*
    I don’t know about you but I personally do not have $1200 a day to spend at the vet. But that does not make me or any other pet owner bad or irrisponsible. Vets are ridiculously expensive and even the best of owners find their wallets on the empty side these days. So be kind and help not condemn. Being rude and mean is not saving this puppy’s life.

  9. Deloris says:

    What are some home remedies to clean your property from parvo?
    I have a dog that has parvo and i am treating it but my neighbor has puppys. And I am worried about them catching it. I heard from the vet bleach the yard and it will work so i have but i would like a little more opinions than just one vets.

  10. Dan says:

    bleach will kill nearly anything. you should use bleach, that is the best way, your vet doesn’t need a second opinion on this one, that is the exact thing your are supposed to do.

  11. carol says:

    thank you all for the helpful tip im on a fix income and they are very helpfull