Parvo Symptoms

Dog Parvo Symptoms

Knowing Dog Parvo Symptoms Can Save Your Dogs Life

Puppies and adolescent dogs usually contract the dog parvo virus. But sometimes unprotected older dogs can acquire the illness as well. The disease can be quite devastating to your dog and you should be aware of the dog parvo symptoms to protect your dog's health and potentially his life.

Most people who have a dog do everything that they can to keep the animal healthy and happy. They have the ability to become a big part of the family and when they are not feeling well it can break your heart. If you have noticed that your usually energetic dog is just not behaving like himself you should watch for the dog parvo symptoms to be sure that the disease has not infected your precious dog. The first symptoms that are likely to be noticed are a lethargy or lack of energy. The dog will seem depressed and have no appetite. It's difficult when your dog is ill, they can't tell you how they are feeling, but you can tell by their behavior that something is very wrong.

The next of the dog parvo symptoms that is likely to occur is vomiting. When this starts to happen to your dog, coupled with the lack of energy and loss of appetite, most dog owners will get their dog into the vet as quickly as possible. It is possible to brush off the illness to a passing stomach upset that will go away. Of course, that is what you would like to think, but it is important that a vet check out the animal if the vomiting continues.

The next dog parvo symptoms that you might notice are diarrhea that is mixed with blood. Any time a dog experiences diarrhea you will want to get them into a vet. Just like humans the animal will begin to dehydrate very quickly. With dog parvo the dog is unlikely to be able to absorb any fluids because the disease is damaging the intestines.

When you take care of a dog you want the very best for your faithful companion. It is important that you get your dog immunized for all of the possible illnesses that they can contract. You will be doing the right thing as a responsible pet owner by getting the dog his shots and boosters every year. Dogs who suffer from the parvo virus can die very quickly and in a great deal of pain. It can be devastating if this happens to your precious animal. Do your part and watch out for the dog parvo symptoms and get your animal treated if there are any signs of the illness.

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10 Responses to “Parvo Symptoms”

  1. meshell_28_2006 says:

    How long before parvo symptoms improve with treatment?
    My 6 mo old puppy got parvo. He had pneumonia at 3 mo that lasted 3 weeks and the vet wouldnt give him his shots. I had an appointment next tues to get him neutered and his shots. He started getting depressed Monday and Tues would not eat and then started vomiting Tues night. I took him to the vet first thing Wed morning. He had diarehha with red specks in it and was still vomiting. The vet took him and kept him with IV fluid treatment and antiobiotics. He did not get up at all Wed. Thur, today he has black diarehha and is up moving around a little and has not vomited. Has anyone dealt with this before and is bloody diarehha on
    the 3rd day still a bad sign that he wont make it? How long before he should start showing improvement? I guess what I am asking is my dog going to die because it is the 3rd day and has bloody diarrehha still? Or has anyone experienced this and had success?

  2. Fany says:

    My Pitbull has all the parvo symptoms, but tested negative on test?
    Could it be that the virus wasn’t developed completely? Please help me understand what is going on :(
    Your pit had the same thing? How did it get better?

  3. Thisxbabe says:

    parvo symptoms?
    my dog went to the vet the other dya cause he was puking and said it was juuust a little stomach acid.
    2 days later step dd said here was like a red stringy thing in its poo, might have bin just something he ate. so what are the symptoms are parvo? what is my dg baby going ot cost me?

  4. DixieChik says:

    Like Marci said they are not 100% affective.Well if your Pit throwing up everything it has and is going number 2 a lot it will have nothing left to export so it will be mucus don’t worry keep water out at all times for him or her.My Pit had the same problem and my Aunt runs a Kennel so she said take lemon lime Gatorade and mix it with a raw egg and try to feed it to her/him this coats the stomach so that it won’t throw up it’s water that much and bring her to the vet and tell her her symptoms and she will give her a shot to stop vomiting and diarrhea. If she/he is severally dehydrated the vet will give him/her a drip so that she/he will rehydrate. I hope i helped u and i hope ur pit gets better.

  5. guardianofdoves says:

    Rarely, does a dog survive parvo. Good luck!

  6. honeybeth says:

    How long does it take before parvo symptoms start.?
    I have had my puppy for a week now and Ill be taking him to the vet this week. He hasnt shown any symptoms of parvo but how long would it take before they start if he has it?
    The lady I got my dog from told me, in a by the way sort of manor, that she thinks her yard had parvo at some point. Heard its supposed to last in the yard like 10 yrs.

  7. Valley of the Danes says:

    The normal incubation period (time from exposure to the virus to the time when signs of disease appear) is from 7-14 days. Active excretion of the virus in the feces can begin the third day after exposure, often before clinical signs appear, and may last for one to two weeks after the onset of the disease.

    You might be interested in learning that a new strain of parvo virus has been discovered.

    Has your pup been exposed to the Parvo virus? From your post it sounds like you’re expecting you pup to have it.
    If you think your pup has been exposed you should get it to the vet immediately so treatment can begin. It will make recovery easier and could mean the difference between you being able to treat at home or needing the vet staff to take care of him/her for several days along w/ a large vet bill.

  8. CoffeeCupDobie says:

    Ok calm down. first she would have the runs with blood in it. the poo would stink really bad like something was rotting and died in side her.
    she would be really lathargic and wouldnt want to eat.
    look and act depressed.
    she wouldnt want to play.
    would want to vomit lots
    not eat.
    look thin and pale (gums are pale from dehydration)
    good luck
    oh and it can cost up ward to 4000. or more… depending on the vet.

  9. Gabii Green says:

    What are the symptoms in Parvo for humans?
    I know that one of the symptoms of parvo in puppies are serious diarrhea but what are the symptoms for human? Please and Thank you

  10. kris says:

    the same symptoms of the virus caused to puppies