Parvo Treatment For Dogs

dog parvovirus vaccine

Treatment For Dog Parvo Symptoms

Over the years the parvovirus has mutated into two different strains and a third may be evident in Vietnam, Italy and Spain. Each case of canine parvovirus Or CPV comes from the first two strains. At first it was felt that this virus would develop into feline panleukopenia, a feline parvovirus, but there is no evidence of this. All species have their own unique parvovirus that cannot be spread 00004000 outside of the species.

Parvo virus cannot be spread directly from a dog to a cat or from a bird to a cat, but it can be spread by contact. For example if you cat happens to wander through your neighbor's yard and picks up the virus on her feet, she can bring it into your home and may infect your dog that way. Unfortunately, our 8 month old puppy that we acquired from the pound recently came down with parvo virus. She had all of the classic dog parvo symptoms, yet we did not realize what was wrong. We took her to our vet and treatment was commenced immediately. After a four day stay at the veterinary hospital, Lucy was ready to come home. And although we have since found out about more natural parvo virus treatments, we were actually very pleasantly surprised by our vet bill!

The parvovirus works in one of two ways through the intestines or the heart. The intestinal infection is picked up by the animal through oral contact with contaminated feces. In other words through the feces of another canine who is infected. The virus then attacks rapidly dividing cells in the lymph nodes, intestinal crypts and bone marrow. This will allow normally occurring bacteria from the intestine to enter the blood stream making the animal septic. The virus will be shed in the stool for up to three weeks making this disease very contagious to non-vaccinated pets.

The cardio form of the infection is most often seen in puppies that are infected in utero or shortly after birth. It must be noted that the cardiac form of CPV is less common since the mother usually passes immunity on to her pups from birth. The virus will attack the heart in the infected pup and result in death shortly thereafter.

Symptoms of CPV usually present within 3-10 days of contact and they include lethargy, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. The diarrhea then causes severe dehydration and secondary infections. These are the actual causes of death rather than the virus itself.

The survival rate depends upon how swiftly parvo virus is diagnosed and parvo treatment is begun. If the virus is not caught early on, the usual treatment is given through an IV line in which fluids are pushed to re-hydrate the puppy or dog more quickly. In addition to giving fluids, anti-nausea and antibiotic shots may be given intramuscularly. Given the proper care, the prognosis is good, but if care is withheld your dog will die prematurely. Most vets will strongly suggest that your pet be vaccinated against parvo about eight weeks after a puppy is weaned.

About the author: For more information on parvo virus and ideas on treatments for parvo without needles and potentially harmful chemicals, think about a completely natural parvo treatment for your dog.


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10 Responses to “Parvo Treatment For Dogs”

  1. Patty says:

    whats a good inhome treatment for dogs with parvo disease?

  2. Amy Thomas says:

    Parvo treatment for dogs?
    I Would like to know what to do in case your dog or dogs, get Parvo. And also what the symptoms for Parvo are.
    oh by the way my dog is not sick i thought it would be a good idea for people to see what the best advice was from people who have been there and experienced Parvo and treated it. My friends dog did die of parvo and that is why i’am curious to know about it.

  3. crack_wh0re_x says:

    Their isn’t one the chances of your dog surviving the parvo virus is pretty much impossible if you treat your animal at home . If your dog has parvo or you suspect your animal does get the dog IMMEDIATELTY to the vet , call the vet first to inform them you suspect your dog has parvo so they can isolate other animals from being near your pet .Good Luck please take this seriously your dog needs the VET

  4. mandeeree says:

    has anyone had a dog survive home treatment for parvo?
    I had two pups and a female beagle come home with parvo after being lost for two days, one of he pups has already died from the virus, i called the vet the day they came home and realized they were sick, he told me to give pedialyte every thirty minutes, he basically said there was no hope for them, so i tried the pedialyte and obviously it did’nt work, now the other two dogs are starting to show the symptoms of parvo, so i ordered something off of the net called parvogaurd that is supposed to be very succesfull in saving lives of dogs, i’ve been giving this and pedialyte to the dogs for about 10 hours now. i was wondering if anyone else has ever tried this product or if anyone has had a dog survive parvo with home treatment
    some of the answers i’ve been given lead me to believe that some of you may assume my dogs have not been vaccinated, they have!!
    they have only thrown up once, then i started the meds (parvogaurd), i had already ordered it for the other dog that did’nt make it, but it was too late for him. they have not thrown up again since then and have no diareaha, the older dog, (the mother) has started eating again, the pup is still lathargic.
    i have bleached the house and the yard, i just don’t know what else to do, i can not watch another puppy suffer, it’s too sad.
    For anyone who might be interested, my dogs are doing great, they both seem to have recovered from the parvo. i had a friend give me an herbal tea recipe with tons of vitamins in it that she said was great to help pups get through parvo till i could get em to a vet. the ingrediants were very expensive, but not near as high as a vet bill would have been. i made the tea and gave it to the dogs orally and via enema every hour on the hour through the weekend and they were up and playing by monday morning, the vet said they tested negative for parvo and we have another app in a week to make sure they have no secandary infections from the virus, so wish up luck. i can’t believe i saved em, i’m just giddy with joy that my babies are okay. thanks for all you answers.

  5. Lady M says:

    In the late 70s when parvo was first discovered I had 2 dogs affected. A small dog about 6lbs and a 70ish lb german shepherd. At that time there was no vaccine and most vets didn’t even have a name to pin on it yet. All I could do was supportive care. What kills a dog with parvo is electrolyte crash that is why they have told you to use pedialyte. If you have to, give it with a syringe into the side of their mouth. Never squirt it directly at the back of the throat or they can inhale it and end up with pneumonia. Ask your vet how many cc’s to get down them per 24/hrs (depends on size) and if you have to force them to drink it (dont rely on them to drink it on their own out of thirst). Hold them faceing you and with their mouth closed place the syringe (no needle) in between the side of the lip towards the back and squirt it in, rubbing the dogs throat lightly will encourage them to swallow. Better to give small amounts every 15 minutes and them keep it down than a large amount at once that they throw up.

    The other thing you can do at home is take away any current food and put them on a boiled and drained hamburger meat mixed with rice diet. Its bland and easier on their digestive system. There is no fast fix. I have not tried the parvoguard, it didn’t exist then.

    I have to wonder are the dogs already at home are not vaccinated against parvo?

    A vet can also teach you how to give saline injections under the skin to lower the amount of dehydration which is something they would do if the dogs were hospitalized at the vets.

    Read about parvo and how it attacks the digestive system leading to dehydration and electrolyte crash resulting in cardiac arrest which is what the dog eventually dies from with parvo. Its hard to keep a dog hydrated when they throw it up as fast as you get it down. Another suggestion is to freeze pedialyte into ice cubes and see if they will lick them.

    Good luck and vaccinate!

    the shepherd survived because of her size, the small dog died in a couple of days.

  6. Shirley G says:

    parvo bleach treatment for dogs?

  7. GreenBean says:

    What is the home treatment for Parvo in dogs?
    On the 13th of December i bought a 3 month old puppy and on the 17th she began to vomit. Long story short she had parvo. Took her to the vet and she died on the 24th. Last Thursday, January 1st, my best friend moved and couldn’t take her 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier with her. I know for a fact that she has had her shots because I have the records. Yet this morning she began to have a very vocal tummy, loss of appetite, all she wants to do is sleep, and her stool is beginning to soften. I can’t afford to pay for another $1,000 dollar vet bill. I’ve got enough debt as it is. So please someone help. I really need some answers? I was just trying to be a good friend but i made a mistake, and now a great dog is suffering for it. Please no smart-ass answers. I Need real help! I’ve searched the net to no avail. PLEASE!

  8. Grant says:


    I work for an all-natural herbal company called Amber Technology and we deal with Parvo cases every day world wide from people calling in asking for help and advice for there sick pets. And in a Parvo case there are a few things you always want to make sure you stay on top of. 1: Make sure they are hydrated. 2: Make sure their sugar levels are constant (you can monitor sugar levels by looking at the gums, if they are looking pale; more then usual. then this means that the sugar level is dropping.
    3: now the most import thing that you can do is give some sort of antibiotic. you have to treat those secondary infection that this virus leaves behind it greatly increases their chance of survival. Goods ones to use are Cephalexin, Metronidazol, and Vibactra plus. Vibactra Plus works best in most parvo situations.

    The symptoms of Parvo are: Vomiting, bloody stools, diarrhea, nausea, depression, lethargy, loss of appetite, dehydration, and low blood sugar.

    I hope this answered your question if you have any more look us up at

  9. Moondog says:

    There is no parvo bleach treatment for dogs. Bleach would kill the dog.

    The bleach is to wash down everything and everywhere a parvo dog has been.

  10. [K9Nurse] says:

    There is no such thing as at-home treatment for parvovirus. Without intense therapy, the dog will die – plain and simple.

    However, the symptoms you’re describing don’t necessarily mean the dog has parvo (especially if you have proof of current vaccination) – she could very well have something else, which won’t cost you $1000. Get her to the vet, don’t diagnose her yourself!