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10 Responses to “Porvo”

  1. Daniel says:

    is dog porvo contagious to reptilians?
    we have porvo and just wondering if its contagious to reptiles? i have leos.

  2. mona says:

    i have a 4year old doberman toy she has diarrhea with blood i took her to the vet the porvo test is negative?
    what do i give her beside antibiotic

  3. Robert says:

    do dogs loose hair when infected with porvo?
    i found a beutiful puppy pitbull some one dumped off in the middle of nowhere,and he is in rough shape lost lots of hair,scabs every where ,breaths funny ,and looks really belly bloated

  4. K-Dawg says:

    You need to get this animal to a vet for medical treatment right away.

    There could be any number of things going on with this dog, including Parvo if he’s been exposed and hasn’t been vaccinated.

    Be mindful that Parvo is a highly contagious illness so keep this dog away from any other dogs you have. Take him to a vet or shelter and then thoroughly clean anything he’s touched or been near.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

  5. Daniel says:

    is dog porvo contagious to pregnant women?
    our house currently has porvo due to rescueing a puppy on the street. and i have a pregnant wife and im worried. let me know how it is or isnt thanks!

  6. Vet Tech ♥'s Christmas! says:

    I recommend nothing else in combination with the prescribed antibiotic except a bland diet. You can boil up some chicken and rice or some hamburg and rice. The rice will really help in binding her up.

    P.S. Did you vet prescribe the antibiotic Metronidazole (Flagyl)?

    ADD: I am assuming your vet ran a fecal floatation to test for parasites and ran a Giardia Snap Test? If not, your vet needs to. Bring a fecal (poop) sample to your vet tomorrow to have the floatation and Snap Test done. OK?

  7. Dyslexia of Borg says:

    What are the symptoms of Parvo..or porvo..or provo..or what ever its called?
    Our dog still a pup,will not eat any food we give it. We have gone Through many different brands hoping to find one she will eat,moist,dry,canned,bagged nothing works. We even tried giving her table scraps to at least get something but its refused. she just looks at it then walks away.
    She drinks like its the last bowl of water in the world and is active. She will run and jump but we cant get her to eat.

  8. JenVT says:

    If your dog had parvo she would be listless, lethargic, vomitting, and have diarrhea. Your dog is simply picky. Stop trying out different brands. Choose one high quality puppy kibble and stick to it. Feed 1/2 the recommended daily serving in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. Leave the bowl down for 20 minutes and then take away any that is left. no snacks or treats in between. I am assuming she has been to the vet and is UTD on her shots and wormings and that the vet has found no physical reason why she may not be eating. A healthy puppy will not starve its self.

    ADD: Makia T- why simply copy my answer word for word? Use your own brain.

  9. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

    There is a difference between Canina Parvovirus and Human Parvovirus.

    So, no. It is not contagious to humans but VERY contagious to other dogs. Bleach everything thoroughly.

  10. rescue member says:

    PARVO – it’s parvo, not porvo — this is the second question you’ve asked about parvo’s contageon factor.
    Believe what another person already told you —- it is CANINE parvo — that means it ONLY applies to dogs.
    Not your reptile, not your pregnant wife, not any other species you come up with.